I have taken a little bit of time away from updating the blog lately to work on a few little personal projects. Some of these were ideas that started years ago that never got into any kind of working order and others were utilities that I wanted to create simply because there was no free option available. A few of these projects have been open sourced and in development for some time. From a glance at my GitHub history you can see that my development schedule is a little bit scattered to say the least. A good summary would be to say that I work on what I want when I want to and I develop selective amnesia regarding the rest of the projects until I find my way back to them. After all, they are personal projects, right?

To break from my habits I have been putting some effort into seeing a couple of these projects through to usable applications. I have done that with the 1.0 release of SuperSecretary, my file sorting application, and I am near that point with MembershipManager, my ASP.NET Membership utility. Most developers are used to relying on GitHub for open source projects, but since these applications are more than just developer tools, it makes sense to have something more than a GitHub repository where the source code can be pulled and built. Enter Razium.

Razium is a site where I will provide more end-user targeted information about these projects. This may be lists of features, screen shots or comparisons depending on the project. It will also be where your average user goes to download compiled binaries and installers for the applications (via SourceForge). The site is very basic at the moment and only contains detailed information for SuperSecretary, but will be evolving over the coming months.

In the near future, I will be posting blog entries about each of my open source projects. I hope to provide a brief overview of the current state of each of the projects with some challenges and lessons learned from development to date. I am excited to document and share the knowledge that I have gained throughout the process of turning an open source project into a product. Stay tuned!